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@Dan55 wrote:

As an owner, then I clearly know what goes on and fell insulted that “howie” can make attacks and yet cannot support what he said when then questioned.

To take part in the secure owners forum at you have to have a forum name that identifies you by your first and surname. This is quite good to get to know fellow owners however it is also a means for other owners to attack someone that the committee or the forum warriors/mods do not agree with. This is why 90% of owners sign-in to read posts but would never under any circumstances raise their heads as these will be shot down on their first outing.

When we purchased we receive a monthly update from a fellow owner that stated what is happening, good or bad within the resort. This developed into this owner being black balled as the committee didn’t approve on what was being said. Part of this is due to the resort being very quite in the Oct to May period every year with less than 50 of the 1,864 apartments being full time residents. The majority of the committee are resident and spend their time complaining about fellow owners as there is really nothing to do in the slack seasons. In the busy summer months then they are even worse, complaining about the noise and the large number of teenagers who should not in their total belief be allowed on a 5 star golf complex.

Another owner has also been banned from the owners forum for raising viewpoints that are shared amongst quite a lot of owners and due to the ban is now unable to defend themselves. I thing this is disgraceful which is why it is time the truth is told and the childish, insulting culture at Hacienda Riquelme is made to change.

In terms of the Association, then it is legally registered and has a legal president with a yearly AGM. – I know because I have attended and I can clearly state that it was standing room only, in a large room.


dan this is a big shock to me, will reply later, p.s at the moment i would say as you have only registered today for this site ive been here since 2006, i could say that you are the small group we are talking about but using a different name. but if you can help me see sense then please do