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@Dan55 wrote:

Oh, So supposed I am not an owner then why would I be interested in looking at this post?

If I am an owner, then it would be good to understand this further especially with the work to rule that the committee is on?

Why is there a rubbish workers compound next to owners apartments?

Very easy to attack someone’s comments, harder afterwards to support what you have said.


dan im a new resident on HR i got in cheap, but nonthe less its a fantastic resort and all that we could have hoped for.
i can assure you there are not the issues you think there are, i have done my own investigation in the past few months, i can tell you my findings are that.
it does seem to be small group possibly 2 people or 1 apartment, or perhaps a small group in one block. but all the “bad publicity” and web site ownership does seem to stem from this small group or possably 2 people, they have set up different identities to look like its a bigger group, they call them selves HRGR assn yet they have no members or any legal right in spain to be a assn, i cant figgure out there motives, but i assure you HR is a fantastic resort, i just wish i lived there or could get there more than i do.

and as for the workers compound its hidden behind a hill so you can only see into it from the apartments that these people own, wich i do feel sypathy for them but a democratic process has taken place and a decision made that there is no better place to locate the skip in the workers compound or the workers compound its self for the good of the majority.
these people wont accept this, wich i understand, so rather than being democratic they find ways to scream and stamp there feet like spoilt children.