Re: Re: Guardian article – Spanish Property Crash


@Rocker wrote:

I had a quick look at the CAM repossession website; the bank cannot be serious in offering those awful properties for sale at those prices. The whole thing reeks of desperation, a lot of the properties are offered for sale with 100% mortgages or a rental option, the mortgage and rental costs being around the same.

I also noticed many properties need a total ‘reform’, where the repossessed owner has obviously taken out his anger on the property before being evicted. Or perhaps the previous owners of these dreadful properties were not the kind of people to keep their house in order.

Any prospective purchaser looking at the rubbish on that website will surely use the little red cross at the top right side of his browser to move on. Quickly.

Or the build quality was very bad in the first place and have just fallen apart around the owners ears