Re: Re: Green shoots.


I love spain and i intend to buy there i have said i enjoy being in the area where i have chosen to buy after visiting other areas angie and katy have never slated anything i have said just the opposite they have been supportive and given advice that when my finances are in order that i should rent first and make sure i can support my self and family.I was ready to buy and take the plunge a few years back and my brother in law told us not to because he had info that all was not well ( he works for DELOITTES)and he was spot on a few months later all hell broke loose.People saying it will go no lower maybe right who really knows.i would rather have people who say what is happening rather than just giving a few positives. Rocker your on the costa blanca go down to the Calpe soup kitchen then report back how great things are.A family friend who has lived there for 30years doing odd jobs (gardening etc) he was very happy just renting and living in a place he loved.Last year he asked his daughter to send him the airfare so he could return as he was starving and having to take charity and was about to be made homeless.Spain is great if you have the funds to support yourself otherwise its a very harsh place with no safety net to speak of.Glad your loaded happy and you haven’t miss laid you rose tinted specs after one too many glasses of vino