Re: Re: Green shoots.


@katy wrote:

Several 😯 3. Not like your history, house price crash and several (yes) business forums. You don’t own a property in any country, you live in Tower hamlets. Bit of a loser aren’t you in real life!! You should know about spamming especially with the many unknown links you put on 👿 I will always be on here because I don’t like to see people scammed and deluded by people like you and a few with vested interests.
I also keep a few friends in Spain informed as they don’t “do” internet.
BTW since when is telling the truth spam…I wrote the same in Spain as I do now and I have only been back 2 years. For a spammer I have met (in Spain) two people on this forum. I actually lived there for 7 years I was on this forum. You claim to have lived there but in some distant past!

I would give it a miss for tonight, girl. You’re too pissed.