Re: Re: Green shoots.


Rocker I’ve told you what I don’t like about Spain and it’s to do with the unregulated property market, the exorbitant costs of buying and selling, and I point out sometimes about the poor build quality and hype, the country per se is ok, the Politicians like many elsewhere are corrupt, as are it’s mayors and town halls. The over-valuations were obscene as was the over-build.

The problem facing it’s property market is the sheer glut of unsold homes that will even by Mark Stucklin’s estimate could take 20 years to sell, the bad bank could depress property further and there’s plenty of views from economists and others that say prices are likely to fall further.

It’s also not about confessing to loving Spain, I do like it though, my preferences are France, Italy, and the US. We tried Spain and glad we did, but so glad we sold when we did, we could have lost a packet had we stayed. When we return, we get the best of it without any angst of property worries.

When Spain shifts a million of it’s oversupply, then there could be light 🙄