Re: Re: Green shoots.


There are some good Rioja wines, unfortunately many bad ones too as many wineries have jumped on the bandwagon. Some real plonk out ther called “Rioja”! Ribera del duero is far superior, not as many imitations. Would Rioja wine really get Spain out of the shit anyway 😕

QM2 and other cruiselines have very few Spanish wines on their list…just a bit of trivia :mrgreen: New world wines are the thing now. My brother visited Argentina a couple of months ago. he liked the wine so much that he bought a few cases and sent me one. Really old-fashioned heavy bottles and very full bodied red…it’s good. about £9 per bottle but sure it’s much cheaper in Spain if you can get hold of it.

I agree, Rocker sounds pissed most of the time 🙄