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He chose to come to Spain in his final days. It’s the sort of country it is, too beautiful for words. That was his name, Goldsmith, the founder of UKIP. His former wife lives in Richmond and his daughter married a Pakistani cricketer.

Who needs Google?

James Goldsmith (Sir) was the founder of the Referendum Party, not UKIP. He knew he was dying so he travelled to Spain for tax reasons. He arrived in Spain 1 day before he died.

Well, that’s the trouble with Google, it takes the romance, the goodness, the excitement out of life. You’re left with a bareness that makes people pop Prozac, roll spliffs, chant Hare Krishna and Noah building another arch on the shores of the Mediterranean.

If you break dreams, you’ve got nothing left but soul destroying depression, a horrible way to live.

I’m off to bed now, but tomorrow morning I’m going to wake up to sunshine, full of optimism, and I’m going to walk down to my favourite Spanish cafe, have a chat to my pals and admire a Spanish waitress with the nicest bum in the world.