Re: Re: Green shoots.


It was Jimmy Goldsmith who was the father of Gemima Khan & the Richomind MP Zack Goldsmith that you are getting confused. Yes he was moved around on his death bed to avoid taxation as part of his tax planning. He also set aside a few million as potential legal cost in the event that his will get’s challanged. ( He had a French mistress and a few kids floating around ) & indeed did have a Cortijo/Ranch in Mexico.

I have been to Rioja. In the past known as “Logrono” where a friend of mine has vineyards. The wines from Rioja were on the table of all self respecting Spanish families before the advance of Ribera de Duero. My understading is that Ribera comes from an area a few degree south ( latitude ).

It was a common belief & with some justification that Rioja was as good if not better than French Red & Spain has not been able to promote their wines. Perhaps another casualty of the Franco period.