If you need one single reason to explain why the Eurozone will not work the present crisis is a perfect example.
EU Politicians are incapable of making decisions because the system as it stands is too unwieldy, clumsy and not fit for purpose.
The EU made a headlong dash for monetary union without thinking through the consequences. They never created any contingency plans for a downturn. They cared less for smaller economies being hamstrung and tied to an economic plan designed to suit the vast industrial complex of Germany.
The architects of this Frankenstein monster, Jacques Delors and Helmut Cole to name but two, were lofty politicians with a vision. They were not economists and overruled the siren voices warning them it could not work. Like bankers who invested in derivatives they simply had no understanding of the implications of what they were doing. By removing sovereign nations ability to run their own economies they created a form of dependence upon their own major economies.
Now when these dependent states need the help that was entirely predictable and inevitable they prevaricate and argue and cannot get all their ducks in a row.
The European Union has ruined Europe and now they are doing their very best to ruin the rest of the world.