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@logan wrote:

Mark – If ‘information is power’ I think you should also point out the law and restrictions relating to vacation rentals in Grand Canaria. This law enacted in 1995 was not really enforced until recently. Teams of inspectors are now tracking down owners who advertise holiday lets in residential developments which is regarded as commercial exploitation. Fines are heavy. Catalonia are also enforcing this national law which has been left to autonomous regions to implement. Some information here.

But logan, shouldn’t that income be declared as income on one’s taxes? The article claims the fines are unfair, but they don’t consider that it is tax evasion, a serious crime.

Frankly, I’m tired of paying my ‘fair share’ of taxes so others, who often have more money/assets than me, can skip out on what they should be paying.

The threat of high fines seems to be the only way to get some people to comply with the law. To be effective, they need to throw a few of the serial abusers in prison, as an example.