Re: Re: Gran Canaria



I left recently to return to Uk. You have to remember at the equinox the elevation of the sun in this latitude is about the same as in UK at the summer solstice about 61 degrees. At the solstice at this latitude its 85 deg ! The UV in UK does not get above 7 -here it goes to 13 . The plus is at the winter solstice here the elevation (all at 12 noon) is 39deg wheras in London its 16 deg. It does go to say that the sun was getting strong and despite a North Easterly some days locally known as the costeras is very cooling down the East coast when it goes to the East from Africa the mercury soars and whilst 10 years ago air conditioning was not so common inresidential property its now an essential particularly if you have any respiratory problems- in the months of July and August. There have recently been in the months of February and March the Annual Carnivals probably many who watch TVE television will have seen some of it .In my opinion too much obsession with Drag Queens. But they do seem in the Canaries to be very uninhibited in dressing up and might well be said provides a healthy way in these carnivals for the young to enjoy themselves.