Re: Re: Government plan to discourage home power generation



Incredible, just beggars belief to be honest. Couple this with the proposed changes in tariffs, moving to 50% fixed 50% consumption based and you can see clearly the government strategy.

Power is one thing most people can’t do without. However, I guess in these difficult times people are being smarter/careful and minimising power consumption, or turning to self sufficiency. The government is making sure they have all angles covered, whether you use very little, provide your own, they’ll still charge you regardless.

In addition to the backlash from the general “more cost regardless” approach, there could well be implications, and maybe even court or EU court challenges from an environmental policy/sustainability point of view. Here in the UK its still possible to get paid for generating surplus power and pumping that back to the national grid.

To be honest words fail me when I see things like this, smacks of pure desperation, and makes me wonder if the pool of sticky brown stuff the government is sitting in isn’t much deeper than perceived.