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The Spanish Government has introduced a draft decree to discourage homeowners and companies from using renewable energy sources like sun and wind for micro-generation / home power generation in order to protect the electricity companies.

Home power generation with renewables like photovoltaic panels and wind turbines will be hit with a new tariff 27pc higher than the normal tariff, and the Government can raise the tariff whenever it likes.

There will be fines of up to €30m for those who fail to register micro-generation installations and pay the tariff.

Chris Stewart, the famous author of some delightful books about life in Spain, might be affected. His organic farm in the Alpujarras is off the grid and they rely entirely on solar panels. Chris is pictured above in front of photovoltaic panels on his roof. Higher tariffs will also apply to people who are off the grid like Chris, with no option of being on it.

We need more details on how this is going to work, but needless to say it’s a truly stupid idea. 🙁

There is an online petition against this draft decree here

More info in the blog: Government plans to penalise renewable energy production at home

Other info sources (in Spanish): Huffington Post article, El mundo, El Pais: Industria gravará con un peaje la producción casera de electricidad, UNEF (Solar Power Association)

Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo

Wrong policies of govt.. I have noticed many other countries policies are discouraging home electricity generation.. It is wrong as govt is just considering there profit but not trying to save environment