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Fuengi (Andrew)

@brianc_li wrote:

We’ve seen this before. If memory serves me right the last time was late last year. The market has continued to fall since. General consensus is that, whatever the cause of the stats, it is an anomily rather than any reflection on what is happening in the market.

Septembre last year? 37621 dwellings sold. But as you can see that market as not continued to fall. Although as an average we do appear to be looking at around 34.000 sales a month.But that appears to be because 4 low months have brought the average down

33,060 aug 2009
37,621 sept
33060 oct
34828 nov
32148 dec
38263 jan
41033 feb
37,561 mar
34326 apr
37787 may
37297 jun
43838 jul
43817 aug 2010

@brianc_li wrote:

My best guess is that this is down to banks restructuring the finances of one or more large developer. As part of the deal some or all of the developers assets are transferred to the bank. This in turn causes the blip in the stats.

Again the the 43.817 refers to the the merchanting of dwellings. inheritance, swaps and others bring the figure up to 70.569 on urban dwellings.

If we were to include all urban and rustic property types (incl. plots), the full figure for the transfer of property rights stands at 152.836