Re: Re: Good news at last


Fuengi (Andrew)

@angie wrote:

Not so good news for Brits buying in Spain with the current exchange rate around 1.13/14 to the pound so that will deter these buyers methinks, but very good for sellers converting back to sterling, it means people can afford to drop prices significantly and still get out fairly clean if need be. If I was a seller in a community of similar properties, I would definitely market at a good discount if converting to sterling, whilst others seem to be wanting it all ways and not reducing.

unfortunately most (not all though) of the growth in in july and august has been in new builds.

18,807 jan
19665 feb
19,212 mar
17263 apr
18704 may
19339 jun
21241 jul
20507 aug

new build:
19,456 jan
21368 feb
18,349 mar
17063 apr
19083 may
17958 jun
22597 jul
23310 aug

BTW of the total sales, it is worth pointing out that on average about 4000 properties sold every month are VPOs