Re: Re: Good lawyer needed



That’s not a good response, but after the things I’ve witnessed here in Spain and the problems I’ve read about on this forum over the years, I can understand reluctance from the forum members to make a recommendation. I know dozens that I would never recommend to anyone
There are a few good lawyers though, and I’m lucky enough to have one. The problem is that my client who has been fined, is not dealing with a rational body, but an “allegedly” corrupt and very aggressive town hall. For that reason, he needs at least their equal or preferably better. My lawyer is great but I don’t think he is the man to fight this.
From memory, and a quick search just now, I have 3 names and I wonder what the members think of these;
They are Carlos Cómitre of Ley57, Lawbird and María Luisa de Castro of Costa Luz Lawyers. Any feedback would be very helpful thank you.