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Those Brits that are returning now are those who didn’t have or had borderline resources (without proper income plans) to move to Spain in the first place.
— Munky

I think that comment is a little unfair Munky. How can you budget for a 30% devaluation of your currency? Who could have predicted the extent of the property crash and it’s long term consequences? Hindsight has always 20/20 vision.
The British ex-pat communities in France are suffering the same fate as Spain. Not because of a property crash but price inflation, higher taxes, expensive healthcare and poor exchange rates.
The fact is that living abroad is always going to be a riskier business than staying in your home country. I think the current generation of ex-pats have discovered that very painfully and through circumstances over which they had no control.

Yes you are probably right, it may have been a bit strong — the factors you have mentioned would have been at the high end of people’s stress testing on what could go wrong.

That said, I have seen over many years (as we all have) all those stories of expats coming to Spain to start a new life without much planning or resources and its mostly these stories I am referring to.

Then, there is the appallingly disgraceful situation of the Prior’s which no one could plan for, foresee or have to endure — which is a totally different story — a story Spain should hang its head in shame for.