This is a very serious issue and not something to be taken lightly. We have to rely on the physical changes we can see and those we experience . There is evidence of increased ice melt of rising sea levels and changes in sea currents like the Gulf Stream that drive climate.There is evidence of glaciers providing reduced water flow as they have decreased in size not only near Alps but also near Andes in South America. There is evidence of eccentricity in temperature -extra summer heat and winter cold. There is evidence of eccentricity in rainfall -drought and floods in different places. This means that different locations will have different experiences -the impact of global warming will not be uniform -because of changes in ocean currents too -it means that places currently uninhabitable may become so and other locations chosen for reasons of more comfortable conditions may cease to be comfortable.When we are seeking to relocate or buy a home for partial use we must be aware of these risks. Not only Somerset got flooded this winter -many holiday homes were flooded in Brittany and vast areas of Spain were snowed under ! The Canaries had some low night temperatures and the summers are getting hotter in the south of the islands. Parts of Scandinavia had a mild winter after several severe ones.15 years too small a time span to mean much and its not global average temperatures that are so much important as the impact on populations in different areas affected by local changes s a result of the ‘eccentricities’. More seriously longer term is whether trigger points will be reached where more dramatic changes come about where methane gas builds in the lower atmosphere due to increased weed and vegetation inwarmer seas surfacing and discharging it. The sea temperature near my North Sea beach today was 8C not bad for time of year some years only 3 or 4C at this time 10 or 11C less than around the Canaries – but it was pleasant for a paddle in the sunshine ! Yes those of use with 5 10 or 20 or so years of life might still enjoy global warming if we choose our extra space in the right places.