I understand your points Tinnat. The only observation though is how ‘ normal’ are the variations !Indeed it may depend on the time span -over thousands of years the variations are very slight probably at the moment .But to humans that can only survive in a very small range of environmental circumstances in their present stage of development of selves and infrastructural capapability we might still be in this utopian ‘slot’ for now. The variations may go beyond the range that we can adapt to -ok you can have air conditioning in your flat but we might not be able to afford air suits for all and everything else required. If developments are adverse might homo sapiens develop new attributes of survival -be capable of making adequate environmental changes -even giant ice making machines solar reflectors huge air purification filters, re -afforestation tree planting everywhere and heavy penalties for cutting them down or damaging them! I notice in the Canaries previously arid lands are green golf courses sprayed with water probably in part from desalination plants. Draining the seas of excess water could go a long way -its evaporated off and that can change the weather of the location clouds hanging where they have never been seen before. How do you convert this back maybe to ice on the scale required. There is lots man could do together if we could regulate population without destroying the differences that urge procreation and end war and weapons production once and for all !