But some environmentalists react with an almost evangelical zeal in condemning ‘deniers’ and not allowing a doubt into their minds. As I said according to actual measurements rather than the opinions of the tiny proportion of scientists actually involved in Climate science the Earth hasn’t warmed in 15yrs which does surely make you stop and think? – but I’m no expert I just read an article quoting, er, experts. We all know scientific opinion has been wrong en bloc before and actually no hypothesis should be adhered to too tightly but GW has taken on a kind of hard dogmatic orthodoxy defended to the hilt. We must save humanity! But many good things are brought about by environmentalism.

Sure GW or environmental activism isn’t against the tenets of any religion. But I see it as taking its place in some ways – with many similar claims on people’s commitment and devotion, propounding a new ‘ethics’. It generates real passion too.

Galileo story – complicated and not really the evidence that ‘the church is always warring with science’. I wouldn’t defend much of institutional religion but he remained a Christian theist as were Copernicus and Kepler – faith didn’t stop them doing good astronomy. I think G. was actually destroying the false ‘science’ of his day which the Church had foolishly espoused – Aristotlean cosmology with his notion of the perfection of the spheres. In addition a narrow, over-literal reading of the Bible. Could be the Renaissance was what put back science, as medieval monks were getting there before everyone started looking back to ancient Greece for the truth. G. challenged the authority of the Church too as a geo-political institution – always trouble when politics and State get involved with anything. He was also a bit of a pain, personally insulting and wrong about some things too apparently… still no reason to keep him in any kind of, albeit comfortable, house arrest. boasting itself ‘the most visited web site on Climate change’! offers a reasoned, contrarian view on GWing by a meteorologist, I believe – in my unexpert opinion. Really not a lunatic.