@alban wrote:

Yes it has become a religion substitute with an Apocalyptic End – Flood and burning and weird portents in the atmosphere;priestly infallible scientists who are stewards of its mysteries who alone can interpret the signs; young evangelists risking life and limb to save the whales or the world with the Green gospel; a new ‘ethics’ that mean you’re righteous if you use a self-composting toilet and an harmonious heaven of organic sustainabilty.
Nah give me the old-time religion of God’s grace, care for one’s neighbour, censure of greed and respect for Creation.

Actually, it is not a “religion” for most of us. I don’t know anyone who is environmentally aware and has replaced their spiritual beliefs with this environmental awareness and practice. We know that, regardless if you believe 99% of the world’s scientists or not, reducing one’s impact on the environment is better for everyone and saves money in the long run.

These efforts have tangible results and are not contrary to the foundational documents of most religions.

There is a very small lunatic fringe in the scientific community who dispute either the long-term effects of global climate change or the underlying causes or both*. But they too, would reject any nonsense coming from the leaders and members of the same types of organizations that kept Galileo under house arrest for 10 years.

*A search of over 14,000 documents going back to 1991 regarding human causes of ‘global warming’ show that only 24 of those documents rejected human causes.