Re: Re: Gibraltar ructions and the local property market

Fuengi (Andrew)

@katy wrote:

Well within Spain’s rights, however, Brussels are calling a meeting to ask Spain for explanations! It is no secret that Spanish fishermen operate illegally, they fish inside the limit and also dredge the bottom…they do it in their own country too.

If the Spanish are going to use the Schenegen card then so could Gibraltar and ask the Spanish for passports instead of identity cards. I went to Gib monthly for years and never once knew or heard of the Gib side hold up the border.

Hi Katy, only going by what i experienced. although I have only been there 5 or so times in the last 8 years.

@angie wrote:

When will Spain hand back Ceuta, any Spanish rocks there?? 🙄 😆

I’m all for an artificial reef around Gib., btw ‘Spanish fish barons admit taking illegal catches out of UK waters’, Spain have a blooming huge coastline but still fish elsewhere, can’t see what their beef is, unless back to Mark’s point to ‘deflect attention’ from other matters 🙄

agree about the african enclaves. Infact I would say uk legal claim to gib is better than spain to ceuta & melilla.
But again, it comes down to opinions on who controls the waters, etc… The fact is for the spanish gov. gibraltar should be spanish.

Interesting thing though, is based on the original treaty of utrecht, they Spain does (theoretically) have a valid argument for the claim