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Slightly off topic I know but I’ve recently been reading-up a bit on Germany’s opposition to some of the Greece bail-out suggestions and had also recently read this : –

There is also, apparently, a huge, outstanding German loan debt to Greece of several millions, (maybe billions) but I can’t find the article online at the moment……
Why the German opposition then?

Greece GDP: Gdp of Greece: $327.6 billion (2007 est.) – The World Factbook

Greece deficit : 13% of GDP i.e. $42 billion

MOney oqed by Germany: .45 billion drachmas (about 35 million dollars) in 1997 so say 60 million Dollars today.

$42 billion versus $60 million…

I have not found any source for the $10,600 billion that Germany owes Greece and what for.