Re: Re: Franchises in Spain



I have also seen a few franchises fail here, in one case the buyer of the franchise shelled out over 100ĸ and the “business” didn’t even last a year!! I have also seen one bar that took the best part of a year to develop their premises, opened for a week then closed (permanently). Others open for 3-4 months, then fail.

I could never understand why franchising was a good model, if you had the skills to run a type of business then surely you’d just open your own. It would cost less, and controlling costs is a key part of success in business.

I’m not so sure that business in Spain should be avoided. But it is business, not a retirement plan for those without the skills, understanding (and experience). It seems to me that the costs of taxes & premises are very high here, yet many appear to take on this financial burdens without really understanding how the business will pay the overheads, let alone make a profit.