Re: Re: Four Houses Near Gib – Thoughts / Comments pls


@Man in Marbella wrote:

I too would question logan’s motives. Sometimes this board is just plain stupid and quite frankly misleading.

Methinks you and Chris McCarthy missed my ironic sense of humour as a comment on the current state of the market. 🙂 The point being that nobody knows what any property is really worth at the moment. Not even Agents or sellers.
A person will sell if they need to at a price acceptable to them under these current difficult economic conditions. It’s all case by case basis or property by property. It’s impossible to estimate value it depends entirely on the sellers/buyers personal position.
I don’t blame your friend for trying to secure a deal. They should be determined and only buy on their own terms. In fact as I have recommended on other threads they shouldn’t actually buy at all until economic conditions in Spain start to change.