Re: Re: Four Houses Near Gib – Thoughts / Comments pls


@Chris McCarthy wrote:

I am happy to confirm that within the context you refer to above: I was wrong regarding bottom of the market prices two years ago. Very wrong as it happens. Hope that clears that issue up.

Thank you Chris – taken on the chin like a true gentleman.

If this was a how-to-heat-your-home forum and Chris was in the alternative energy business, he would be advocating photovoltaic panels and biothermal underfloor heating. And logan, if flogging diesel-driven radiator central heating systems as a profession, likewise be crowing the virtues of diesel. It’s the nature of the beast, conflict of opinions, interest, and experience – surely what forums are all about and no-one deserves a constant bashing, whatever side of the fence they sit. I will give Chris his due on one thing, he has not been sneaky like some agents on this forum. Always been open about his profession and exactly who he is from day 1. Love him or hate him, cynical about his views or not, you have to give him that.

Chris – I am curious, can I ask:
Re. your “there are 8 registered sales in the office – and 2 further waiting offer acceptance and reservation…” (I gather these sales have been nurtured from Feb/even Jan?)
could you roughly group the price range, eg. how many under 250,000 euros, up to 500,000 euros, 500,000 – 1,000,000 euros, over a million.
It would give us a bit of a picture of what is moving. Is it just the cheapies or the millionaire-type stuff?