Re: Re: Four Houses Near Gib – Thoughts / Comments pls

Chris M

@charlie wrote:

@UBEDA wrote:

I don’t think good agents (inc Mr Mc) are promoting 3 rd rate areas ……..3rd rate areas like manilva!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

‘Mr. Mc’ and his website is currently promoting 320 properties in Manilva, UBEDA.

Perhaps you should try checking a little before you come out with ‘mocking nonsense’.

Our website includes not only our listings but all of those listed with other agents within the Infocasa network. It is something we would actually like to change, but creates a real marketing / lead generation problem if we do. Truth be known I just hate the fact that we are sucked into showing all the properties of all the agents. Right now we have to, it is a necessary evil, give me some time and I will change that.

So UBEDA is not entirely wrong, and nor are you as there are technically 320 properties available through us in that area, and guess what…? We sold a few too in that area recently.

However, I wouldn’t consider Manilva to be a 3rd rate area per se.