Re: Re: Four Houses Near Gib – Thoughts / Comments pls

Chris M

@Man in Marbella wrote:

I too would question logan’s motives. Sometimes this board is just plain stupid and quite frankly misleading.

Indeed, and am getting a bit fed up of it myself

@Man in Marbella wrote:

I am not involved with the real estate business so I can not quote figures, maybe somebody like Chris can…

This month only, 11th March – there are 8 registered sales in the office – and 2 further waiting offer acceptance and reservation by latest Monday, but they quite confident in the office they are effectively on 10 sales but we don’t call them, unless Vendor / Buyer all signed and reservation received.

So much for people not buying. If it wasn’t absolutely hammering it down with rain the whole misbegotten week, they think they would have been on a confirmed sale a day. But hey we happy with 8 in 11 so far.

I think people would trust me enough on this forum not to spin actual performance figures and take this as fact.