Re: Re: Fotuna Estates, Fortuna Land, Oanna Group fraud

Fuengi (Andrew)

@mark wrote:

That it was a scam was an open secret for some old times down in Marbella/Mijas/Fuengy.

please say fuengirola, if not i might get blamed!!!

On a more serious note, this is the first we’ve heard about this particular scam.
just been doing a quick search and have found the following:
on the second page there is a comment:

@oannavictim wrote:

sorry to say that you can forget your investment. The land deals of FORTUNA (now Euroland, Blue Sky, OANNA SPAIN, Sol y Nieve, etc.) are not real. The land is worthless. You would not get one single Euro per square meter if you sell it!!!!!!!!!
The people behind these companies are playing with the investors. They may bring a project with a permission to build something on a piece of Land no were in the dessert.
All victims shut stay together inform the FSA and go to the police.

link to a site that was supposedly involved. (link from the other forum)

Blue sky used to have an office down the street from us, but closed down about 6 months ago… Never had any dealing with them so i can’t comment on whether they were involved in this. Although it should be noted an ex-employee of there said they were doing timeshare resales and such near the end. Again I can’t verify this.
but i think this is there website…

Mark it might be worth posting on that other forum. Those people could probably use the help