Re: Re: Forum’s UK election voting intentions



Gordon Brown is such a liar and also a negligent unelected PM.

Don’t forget that this buffoon who took all the credit as Chancellor during the boom, but blames the bust simply on Global Economics (never himself), sold off Britain’s Gold reserves at $200 per oz but recently it reached $1200 per oz.

He promised to go after Fraud Goodwin and his pension pot fiasco sanctioned in effect by Gov’t because they failed to write those terms in when RBS was bailed out, so he was stuffed by Goodwin’s contract.

He re-appointed Fraud Mandelson even though he was sacked twice by the Labour Party for fraud/financial irregularities regarding mortgages.

He turned a blind eye to the obscene bonuses being paid by Goldman ‘Sucks’ years ago and whose London employees earned an average £1 million last year even though he promised to curb Banks’ huge pay structure. They were instrumental in the boom and bust scenario.

He failed to sack the awful Jacqui Smith and Hazel Blears for their blatant 2nd home frauds as well as many other Labour MP’s. At least Cameron sacked similar in the Tories.

He takes billions in road taxes but Britain’s roads are pot-holed and congested, no new roads built.

He/Blair allowed the UK’s utility companies to be sold off to the French to rip Britons off whilst we are not allowed to buy French utility companies.

Uk Pensions are amongst the lowest in the civilised western world.

The list is endless, Brown is likened in the Telegraph to a ‘camel in a bad mood’ and to beware of! 😡