Re: Re: Forum’s UK election voting intentions



Hi Fuengi – in answer to your question, for me there was something about yesterday’s event that was more far more revealing about GB than the fact he is arrogant and a hypocrite (his last words to Mrs. Duffy before getting in his car was “you are a good woman”).

It was the fact that this lady had simply and politely asked him questions about immigration. She wasn’t shouting, or raving or hurling abuse – yet he was furious that he actually had to be ‘confronted’ with someone who was simply questioning his policies, and his reaction was “that was a disaster”. Why was it a disaster????

Too many years ensconsed in no.11 and no.10 methinks. I genuinely think the man is so deluded that he believes everyone on Planet UK agrees with everything he says and does. If proof was ever needed that he is far removed from reality, that was it for me.

The contrast with DC when out and about yesterday, answering questions calmly (however difficult) was blinding.