Re: Re: Forum’s UK election voting intentions


@gus-lopez wrote:

It’s not only politics that they’re ignorant about it is most things in general.

Over to you alanthornton !!!! 😆

Gus-lopez, good to see you’re not one of those with their head in the sand. As for the suggestion of taxing benefits, good one! Definitely child benefit for single Mum’s should be limited to only one. One ‘mistake’ is acceptable. That would stop a lot of the little darlings being churned out as a form of income.

I would even like to see all single lads who have fathered children but who refuse to financially-support them have their ‘debt to society’ (in otherwords the taxpayers’ money) recorded and paid back in the future when they grow up, take responsibility for their actions – preferably taken at source from their salary when/if ever they get a job. If on benefits, likewise an appropriate amount deducted.