Re: Re: Forum’s UK election voting intentions


Compulsory voting, that’s the only way to go but that will never happen as for the main parties it would be all loss & no gain.
Then some form of proportional representation, as at the moment we have a population of 61 million, a voting turnout of 36,5 million & the majority party normally gets about 40% of the vote. So you have less than 15 million people electing a government for 60+. Just like the old unions were run, the few control the majority because of apathy. As someone once said, ” anyone who wishes to be a politician, should be immediately banned from standing”. I’d add to that ” & shot “.
Running a government , or a local council, is the same as running a business the idea being to be in surplus at year end ,not overspend & put up taxes continually, or find more ways to fleece the taxpaying public !
I’d vote for the honest one who could stand up & tell some truth, but then they’d have no chance of being elected under the present system.