Re: Re: Forum’s UK election voting intentions


mark wrote:
I’m curious how this little electoral niche (British voters with an interest in Spanish property) plan to vote in the upcoming general election. Fortunately I can do an opinion poll and find out. Cast you vote above, if you don’t mind.

Also, can someone please explain to me how, after all they have done, Labour can be on 33% according to the latest poll for the Sunday Times? Shouldn’t they be facing electoral annihilation? I know Cameron and Osbourne are far from inspiring, but you would think rational voters would be desperate to punish Labour, if nothing else.


Mark , it is quite simple. Labour whilst bankcrupting Britain have established a sub class of people who never work,women who produce babies on a conveyor belt, quango workers, local council officials who do nothing except worry about positions of dustbins, whether conkers might fall on people´s heads , ban hanging baskets in gardens etc etc. this scum like turkeys are unlikely to vote for Christmas or in their case vote, Tory, as their gravy train will be derailed , at least I hope so by the Tories. Additionally immigrants have been allowed in without control of numbers , some have come to work but plenty to get free dole, housing benefits.

This scum probably represents 25% of voters the other 7-8% ,making the 33% in the Sunday Times poll, are people who will always vote Labour because they worked” down pit ” or their grandfather always voted Labour.

The Labour Party as I said has been very clever in ensuring they will never suffer a defeat in line with the Major defeat of 1997. My fear is for a hung parliament which is the last thing Britain needs in its present parlous state. This would lead to another Labour government backed up by the Lib-Dems , who despite their denials will never get into bed with a Tory administration.

I am so sad when I see the destruction of Britain by the traitors Blair and Brown, I thank God I do not live there any more. Zapatero is a disaster but compared with those two traitors he is a success. He at least puts his own people first, if foreigners want to live here then they live by Spanish rules, no falling over backwards for political correctness, Sharia law etc.
I must think things are bad in Britain, I am praising Zapatero!!!!!