Re: Re: Forum’s UK election voting intentions


I cant understand this point of view. This attitude can only contribute to the state the country is in.
This its nothing to do with me mate I didnt vote attitude has got us landed with all the PC rubbish and other unpalatable situations such as the banking fiasco.
Should we all just stand back, do nothing whilst our once great country goes to the dogs.
I think its time the electorate sent a real message to the two parties responsible and I dont think not voting will send any sort of message other than carry on screwing the masses, they dont care a toss.
Definately time for a hung parliament where they will have to work hard in order for every decision to take effect.

@rt21 wrote:

well I live in a labour marginal seat and after carefully considering the policies on offer from all three parties I have reluctantly decided that I shall not be turning out to vote tomorrow nor for that matter will I be listening to the results as they come in. Sadly for me this election has been a big turn off