Re: Re: Forum unavailable for maintenance ½ hour tonight


The Private Sales forum is very telling. Most posts now achieve about one to two hundred hits with the only ones pulling any interest/response priced at under 100,000 euros. But if you look at around three years ago (page 10 for example), every post had one to two thousand hits. That equates to only about a tenth of people interested to look at properties for sale on this forum compared with three years ago. Or another way, a 90% drop.

I think there is a general fatigue-syndrome going on. Ones trying to hype up the market know they’re flogging a dead horse at the moment and it’s interesting that there are hardly any posts from people needing help/advice as in the past. The buying frenzy is over and the ‘caution’ word is out so there are natually less situations now where people are being caught out by the corruption. By now they’ve probably either capitulated and signed or are waiting for their court cases. Am sure many are just sitting on their hands, holding their breath and waiting to see how all this is going to pan out. And if Pablo is right we haven’t seen anything yet so there could be some interesting threads coming down the pipeline.