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@blawes1 wrote:

I work on Blanca and Calida and many of the problems from the Sol never happen in our region.


I’m sorry Bernard – but reading Dorothy’s link makes me feel that postings by property agents such as yourself and Jiminspain would not mean a thing on a new ‘general’ forum when you come out with such statements as your one above.

This is exactly why I, for one, am not interested in reading ‘positive blurb’ by agents on this forum.
Most of us have listened to enough of that in real life (to last us a lifetime), without coming on our ‘puters to read more.

Personally – just to really put the cat amongst the pigeons, I think professionals in the property business in Spain, who – if one is honest, do have a personal agenda to sell property – should not be posting to advise/guide/recommend anything re. the advantages of their particular regions. Too much conflict of interest.

Keep the forum for Joe Public and the great lawyers who help with legal advice !
O.K. boys….your turn. 😆

Mark – have just looked at a couple of other forums who invite threads of a more general nature (as against property-biased ones).
With threads like ‘Desperately seeking a good cabaret venue’, and ‘Looking for a mobile hairdresser’ – do you really want to go down that route?
A more ‘general’ section may start off with informative contributions re. various regions in Spain etc. – but a ‘general forum’ is just that, and would soon be a place where such ‘alternative subjects’ would appear.

Why is this forum so successful and often praised as ‘one of the best’?
Because regarding property issues, it is.
One forum cannot be all things to all people and at the same time be as successful as this one is.
There is one forum I know that tries to be and has many different categories. And the property section? Has maybe a couple of postings a day if they’re lucky, and more often than not the question doesn’t get an answer.

Would you go to Sainsburys to buy trousers or would you rather go to a Gent’s specialist shop? 😉