Re: Re: Foreigners Are The New Friends?



Spain is a vast, diverse, under-populated country whose native population is not producing enough babies. It is also a new democracy, only 35 years old, but is already the fourth largest economy in Europe.

The country has indulged in a mad building boom aimed to attract a few more million foreigners into the land, which failed three years ago when the whole world nearly went bankrupt. Having concentrated on its construction sector, it is looking in other directions since the sector died.

To further expand the tourism sector is an obvious choice, hampered by Spain’s inability to devalue its currency. Solar and wind power are coming to the fore, but everything is overshadowed by more than a million empty homes languishing on Bank’s balance sheets.

The devalued British pound has stopped the Brits from coming, but the million already here are still spending their British earnings in Spain. They need a few million more foreigners from other colder countries, the Russians and Germans are already rushing in, but the big news is the Chinese – they are arriving in great numbers, encouraged by favourable Spanish tax concessions.

Adding the influx of South Americans, from the former Spanish colonies, and you can slowly see the country filling up with its much needed people.