Re: Re: Foreigners Are The New Friends?



Of course I’m talking Spain up, I live here, don’t I? But I try hard to keep it balanced.

There are a million British expats living in Spain, a high proportion of them being pensioners. With the pound falling by 25% of its former value over the past three years, those who can no longer afford to stay have gone home; I’ve got no idea of the numbers but it still leaves most of us in place.

We all have families back in the UK, and all receive regular visits from them and our friends. Taking my own experience and those of friends into consideration, that must account for something like ten million visitors from the UK each year, not strictly holidaymakers.

A high proportion of those regular visitors can see how we live and are making plans to come and join us when they are able to, in future years.

They will need somewhere to live . . .