Re: Re: Foreigners Are The New Friends?


@adiep wrote:

“I’m sorry, but your negativity has reached a stupid and unrealistic level. It’s probably personal, but who cares?”

Rocker, i’ve had to restrain myself several times from calling you stupid, or an idiot, I’d suggest you do the same else we’ll end up lowering the tone of what is normally a friendly forum.

There’s nothing stupid or unrealistic about my statement above, those statements are simply facts, I suggest you spend a bit of time researching the country you live in so that you might better know what’s going on.

I merely suggested that there must be a personal reason, some personal tragedy connected with the Spanish property market that makes you post such continuous negativity, it really cannot be any other way.

And then you start calling me names? For saying what must be obvious to anyone reading your posts.