Re: Re: Foreign investment in Spanish property creeps up


Marcos. I personally think two years before prices rise again is way too optimistic.

You need to look carefully at the economic conditions in Europe which will encourage buyers back in meaningful numbers and consequent rising prices.

For example; well capitalised and confident banks, individuals ability and confidence to spend disposable incomes on a second property with all the added expense, the risk of umemployment to name but three.

Europe and the US are suffering the most serious down turn since the great depression. Meaningless optimism ebbs and flows with press statements and political posturing. However that in no way alters the actual situation and market conditions are dire despite stock market spikes.

Banks and governments cannot obtain sufficient funding at affordable cost from international markets. Business investment for restructuring has collapsed. China’s economy has cooled. Business confidence is on the floor

If you believe two years will be sufficient to turn this all round I would appreciate reading your reasoning or is two years a number you chose at random?