Re: Re: Fools or Idiots?


@mg wrote:

I sincerely feel sorry for the GENUINE people who have be caught out withe the various irregularities that have gone on and the possibility that some could face financial ruin.
BUT, what about those who are still putting pen to paper?…

Yes, there were a few posts late last year from folk who were still looking to buy as an investment and asking for advice on which area (if I recall correctly) to buy in. Not whether this was actually a good idea. I recall one in particular, mentioning they had recently sold up in Florida and were now looking to invest in Spain. Made me think at least they were consistent in their choice, from one disaster straight into another. I truly hope they didn’t commit.

Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any postings seeking similar advice since. It makes me wonder if these folk actually read through any of the posts on here let alone listen to what is going on all around them in the media and at grass roots levels. As I said before, stick your cash in the building society for now…