Re: Re: Flash Mobs Thwart Foreclosures in Spain

Chris M

@charlie wrote:

If it is true, what does that make the total collapse % since this all started? Will those who predicted around a 40% drop a few years ago be far wrong in the end?

Chris – what is your opinion? Near the mark?

I think those who predicted a drop of 40% a few years ago have been proven to be correct yes.

Frankly, I am aghast at that, and would never – no never – would have expected it to be possible.

But then I am not an economist, but boy have I learned some stuff on this site over the past five years!!

On the view of Acuana Asociados and whether they know what they are talking about depends I suppose very much on what set of stats they are using, prices in our area have depending on which high you use from what period, and in which area have often been 50% below and are almost unilaterally down 25%+ by this time.

I still say we are at the front end of all of this and are the ones that have a unique and most up to date perspective, but nobody ever asks us – well except you Charlie!

So, far wrong, no pretty much bang on the money – with the caveat that this is relative to area and type, quality etc.