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if you have not sold your uk property then rent that out whilst you rent in spain and the costs will be covered.The area you are looking at is not the cheapest of areas but it is nice,we holiday around there,moraira is lovely and easier to get to from the motorway as you can cut down through benissa.Prices are still dropping in this area although it won’t drop as much as in some other less desirable ones.
I don’t need to say beware of solicitors and agents in cahoots as its been said just may sure you do your homework and check it with a calculator then add 10% to cover unforeseen rises.

We’re likely still about 12 months away from an actual move and just starting out now, research, visits etc. The thought of renting the house out here isn’t too appealing and as we’d need to downsize anyway we’d probably just sell. Increasingly drawn towards renting to start with (Try before you buy!!)

Thanks for the other info have noted along with all other comments

Maybe just a 3 or 4 month let from say Jan to Easter would be enough to give you a good idea. You should easily be able to pick up a cheap let during those months, or maybe spend a month in different areas to see what they’re like. Obviously there’d be no point in renting out somewhere with a pool during those months, so you should be able to go for cheaper options.

If it were me I’d at least spend some time around the port area in Javea since that’s where most of the long term residents seem to end up, and maybe some time around Las Rotas in Denia (but beware that Denia is on the north side of the Montgo and parts of it might be a lot cooler in winter).