Re: Re: Farage says Brits should get money out ASAP


Whats special about UKIP Katy ?UKIP’s agenda will do nothing good for property owners in Spain or Brits who want to join them. If we could revert to EEA (European Economic Area ) on better terms maybe that is an option but you don’t need UKIP to do it.UKIP is a pressure group -if we voted OUT then UKIP- period ! Farage admits it -he does not want a seat in UK parliament But people vote UKIP for a lot of reasons ie they are angry about Gay Marriage that all the main parties vote for ! Its a protest vote Or they are angry with present Government for the price of food in the shops but are more angry with Labour for mishandling our economy leaving a pile of debt.So they vote UKIP.UKIP is a logical nonesense anyway -If Scots vote for independence UK does’nt exist anymore anyway does it ! What do you really want Katy ! I worry about secession of Catalonia for Spain because I think the Spanish are a strong people and should stick together but apart from that when I look around Spain I think it a better place to live in – I like plenty of light – even in the colder parts of the North you get more light than most of UK – its a warmer climate except in the interior where you get more extremes. I like wine and despite increases in taxes its much cheaper than UK . I like sea bathing and in Spain and the islands you can do this for much more or very much more of the year. There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you live near a big city there is a lot of cultural life.The buses are like coaches and its cheap to get around. On the whole the people are friendlier and happier for an outdoor climate for much of the year and enjoy themselves very simply much more easily than you can in cold grey England. Today we had a beautiful sunny day in Kent but the sea temperature is 10deg C .