Re: Re: Farage says Brits should get money out ASAP


Look Ptr, many people who post on here including me have strong views, we do argue sometimes quite vehemently about each other’s point of views, I’ve been called all sorts of things including: liar, agent, bitter, mad, what’s my agenda too, and worse I’m sure, some probably hate me for my views, however if you take the cautions I try to make people aware of, as others also do, in many ways that can only help long term. We would really be pleased, (hard to believe) if Spain really could clean it’s act up, it has enormous problems if it doesn’t and enormous potential if it does.

Now, regarding katy, she absolutely knows her stuff about Spain, has helped others with advice for many years, shared same bad experiences with other groups as well as intransigence and shilly-shallying from bureaucracy, had battles and come out winning as we did too, speaks it as it is, like me, black and white, and some of us upset those who make their living or have personal interests. Logan is another one who speaks it as it is, others have come and gone or pop in occasionally.

If I was a new buyer going to Spain and knew little of the hazards, I’d seek advice from katy, logan, mg, gary, dartboy, itsme, sorry if I’ve missed anyone unmissable, fuengi as he writes a blog as an agent, and now Chris etc even a few agents are more transparent now than they were 😛

Curtain or line now drawn from my position, but will expect the odd battle or two sometime from some, Politics! 😉