Re: Re: Farage says Brits should get money out ASAP


Ptr, my main concern and that of some others, is that there was so much mass mis-selling of Spanish property, hence the reason I post on here to warn newcomers who might be looking in. Why? Because it’s already happening again.

Now with SPI there still has to be counter arguments, if people still go ahead with their eyes wide open then good luck to them, it’s their decision, but I for one would hate it if just one person said, oh, in 2013 I bought a property because I read here that I must get in before it’s too late or similar, and now I regret it.

I can prove that 6 years ago even ‘experts’ were saying the market wasn’t as bad as people say it is, another ‘expert’ came on here briefly and said Spanish property prices would rise 10% per year from 2009, complete garbage which may well have cost people their equity, or most of it, many have been stung since then.

Now if people want to move to Spain for lifestyle and prepared for any eventuality and happy in the sun, that’s fine, if they don’t wish to hear of potential pitfalls that’s ok they don’t have to read topics and they can foe those of us who post what to you seems negative. We also have plenty of good reasons to like Spain which have been posted if you look back, I also know of people stuck in Spain, and also others who make a go of it and draw the positives, and others who plainly enjoy it.

Regulate the property industry in Spain, cut the bull, only sell legal title, cut transaction costs, speed the Courts up and Spain can improve it’s tarnished image. There, said it again, phew, rant over 😡 😛