Re: Re: Fall in the number of Golfers.


@katy wrote:

I mentioned on another thread that numbers of visiting golfers had been dropping for some years. The above report confirms this. Bit short on accurate figures but that’s nothing new.

The Golf federation just don’t get it though, along with the tourist authorities and constructors. THE ARE NEVER TO BLAME! All cite the fall of sterling the economic situation. Golfers were staying away long before these problems. Anyone who has read the freebie mag “Golf News” will have seen letters from UK golfing societies stating that they won’t return and they have been appearing for a few years. They blame rip-off golf fees, restaurant prices and arrogant treatment from some of the courses they patronised.

I said when the credit crunch started that Spain would re-write history and blame everything on the banks etc. Yet everything was going downhill before that. Now they are putting their hopes in the Germans returning, the Chinese coming ya ya. Not according to the Germans I know, however I suppose I know the wrong kind of Germans 😆

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