Re: Re: Extremely Scary Ticking Time-Bombs



@angie wrote:

🙄 Take a look at this website: or go to Google and click on the site. You can then click on each country’s debt clock.

Clearly shows Spain’s debt, the UK’s is more scary, but, France has an eyewatering figure.

Or for more graphic detail on the UK’s, go to

As they said in Dad’s Army, ‘we’re doomed, we’re doomed’ 🙄

Now, where do you put or invest your money, where is a financially safe place to live for your family and their children?
Can the World get out of this mess that Governments and Banks/Regulators got us in to, the World’s civilised countries were too bloody greedy ? 👿

If those figures where the only ones to take notion of we wouldn’t even have a problem. This one is a little bit more detailed. The US looks horrid in pure numbers but if you take into account for their wars and their high BNP it looks better “Still horrible though”. What’s interesting is that it took 200 years to reach the first 5 “trillion or billion?” and then just eight years to expand it to 16. That is what’s scary.

If something happens to the financial markets I would be most worried about Ireland since they basicly own all of their banks via nationalisation. They have actually done a lot in cutting down costs and it would be horrible for them if that stupid decision would come back to haunt them.